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Smart Card Magic.NET is a simple development environment for MIFARE-, ISO/IEC 14443-und ISO/IEC 7816 smartcards. Smart Card Magic.Net is a powerful graphic user interface supporting both the Elektor-RFID-Reader and different commercial PC/SC reader devices. The program provides the ability to send individual card commands to different types of contactless smart cards at the click of a mouse.

Part of Smart Card Magic.NET is a versatile editor that allows one to create scripts, and it includes a C# compiler. Both the Trace and the Console output windows are integrated into the interface. The interface provides the ability to test all card features without having to write a single line of code. For this purpose, Smart Card Magic.NET has the following four forms:

  • MIFARE Ultraligth C (Elektor-RFID-Reader and PC/SC readers)
  • MIFARE Classic (since V1.2.x.x also supported by several PC/SC readers)
  • T=CL (Elektor-RFID-Reader only)
  • Access Control Configuration (Elektor-RFID-Reader only)

The MIFARE Ultralight C window allows the reading and writing of MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C, NTAG and NFC Type 2 tags. The MIFARE Ultralight C?s triple-DES authentication is also supported.

With the MIFARE Classic window, all details of a MIFARE Classic 1K or 4K card can be investigated. Both windows allow the entire memory contents of a card to be read out at the click of a `button?. This feature also allows the use of different MIFARE Classic keys (Key A/B).

Simple communication with MIFARE DESFire and all other ISO/IEC 14443-4 type A compliant smartcards is possible with the T=CL window. The book "RFID: MIFARE and Contactless Cards in Application? provides a simple introduction to the programming of contactless smart cards using Smart Card Magic.NET.

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