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Advanced Diary is journal software with an abundance of features and complete ease of use. This diary software is unique in that it allows you to store multiple diaries in a single database file for added convenience.
Regardless of the reason for using a digital diary, Advanced Diary provides users with a wide range of highly useful features. Multiple entries can be made for the same day and rich text formatting is fully supported. Using this program you can create not only text diaries: audio and video recording are supported too! Images, tables and diagrams can also be added to entries along with file attachments and hyperlinks to websites, locally stored files or other entries in the database are also supported. With a clean and easily navigable interface, you can start getting the most out of Advanced Diary right away.
You can also protect your databases with a password, and even share your information with your friends or colleagues on a network!. It can also be run straight from a portable drive, such as a USB flash drive, so you will always have your diary with you and you can edit it on any computer.
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