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75% Discount
Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player PRO

Advanced media player & online video downloader.
40% Discount
Round Clock 2014

Round Clock 2014

Atomic alarm clock with digital or round interface. As event reminder it lets you conveniently manage your important dates and times. Supports user-selected...
30% Discount
Image Comparer

Image Comparer

Automatically compare digital pictures, find duplicates and highlight image differences. Have you tried showing a set or a large collection of digital...
25% Discount
Online Desktop Presenter

Online Desktop Presenter

Present your windows desktop via Internet to any other user without any problems of firewalls nor any other security related installations. Transmit your...
20% Discount
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Lite Edition

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Lite Edition

Bandwidth Manager software controls download and upload rates for every computer in your network, without installing any extra software. Reduces your overall...
20% Discount
AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software

Voice Changer Software - The outstanding online voice changer Key Features of AV Voice Changer Software: ? High-Quality Voice Output,...

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Hidocs Document Converter

Hidocs Document Converter Features Convert between many different text document formats Supports converting between or from Microsoft Office...
1 Review Free!


Diffractor unifies managing photo, video and audio files. When you need to sort through photos from your last holiday or customer visit this is the app!...
5 Reviews Free!


GATE is a revolutionary password/passcode entry process that retains account security even in situations where potential intruders witness the entries being...
2 Reviews Free!

OptiVec for GCC

OptiVec contains more than 3500 hand-optimized, Assembler-written functions for all floating-point and integer data types from the following fields: 1....
2 Reviews Free!


GATE is a revolutionary password/passcode entry process that retains account security even in situations where potential intruders witness the entries being...
4 Reviews Free!

HTML Editor Windows Desktop

The HTMEditor Windows Desktop is software that allows you to run the HTML Editor of HTMEditor under the windows desktop. With the HTMEditor Windows Desktop...
3 Reviews Free!

MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer

MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer is a GUI tool for loading, opening and reading mail from EML mailboxes. This standalone EML viewer tool allows the user to open...
7 Reviews Free!


Hear to ebooks. Book notes and text to speech. Reads loud any text of epub, pdf or txt. A reading bookmark is set automatically to return to last read...
5 Reviews Free!

Server Check Monitoring System

The Server Check Monitoring System continually monitors your websites and other internet-based services (Ping, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, etc.) and makes sure you're...
6 Reviews Free!


Hulu Live Streaming TVApex

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  5. 5Prism Plus Edition 3579 downloads
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