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qPad is a simple standalone unicode note-taking and plain text app for windows. It can be a good alternative for Windows' Notepad; just start your paragraph with a Right-to-left language (such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc) or a RTL Mark to make it right-aligned!

Simple and Lightweight
qPad has built using C++/Qt and can be run on all Windows versions without any installations required; Also unlike electron-based editors, it has a very quick startup and takes least memory possible!

Detect file's encoding
When you load a file, if it has an encoding other than UTF-8, a list of possible encodings shows up and you can open the file with the proper encoding.

Handy Find and Replace Tool
You can find multi-line expressions and replace them with another expression. If you are typing in Arabic or Persian languages, you can keep 'Match Alef Hamza' unckecked so search would be more flexible.




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