Visual Lint Professional Edition (per user licence) 5.x download

Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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Visual Lint Professional Edition includes all of the features of Visual Lint Standard Edition, with the addition of the following:

  • Customised solution and project specific analysis configurations.
  • Selection of which projects in a solution should be included in automated background analysis, either via the Analysis Status Display or (in VS2002 onwards) a context menu command in the Solution Explorer.
  • PC-lint whole project (i.e. non-unit checkout) background analysis.
  • Customisable issue categories.
  • Customisable report stylesheets.

If you are purchasing per user licences on behalf of an organisation, you may also want to consider taking out a Priority Support subscription for this product. Priority support subscriptions are available on a yearly basis include the following benefits throughout the lifetime of the subscription:

  • Priority response to support queries
  • Access to development and pre-release builds of the licenced product
  • Notification of the availability of new versions of the licenced product
  • Priority consideration of feature requests for inclusion in future public builds
  • Free major version product upgrades (e.g. v4.x to v5.x)

Please note that at least one supported analysis tool and development environment are required to use this product. If you need to purchase a copy of PC-lint you can purchase one from usor via a PC-lint reseller such as PhaedruS SystemS or Kessler Software GmbH.