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??? An animated, interactive and inspiring adventure of fairies and fun ???
??? Dress Up Tinkerbell in different ages as you read and play ???
??? Playful animations, lovely story line, fun games inside! ???

Welcome to the Magical and Enchanting fairy world of Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell dress up tale includes many fun activities and crafts for hours of fun!
Read along with Tinkerbell in a brand new original adventure. Follow Tinkerbell from birth to adulthood and help her get dressed for every royal occasion. Create magical scenes of your own with Tinkerbell?s adorable wardrobe. Finally, get Tinkerbell ready for her fairy high school graduation party! Share magical scenes by sending emails with your own exciting dress up designs!

Enjoy numerous fun activities in every page. Tap the game icons on screen to solve puzzles hiding in the scenes and get to know Tinkerbell?s family and friends. And don't forget to look for many more activities hidden in the app!

Tinkerbell?s Magic Begins With You!

What?s inside:
? Experience the young fairy life with Tinkerbell.
? Dress Up Tinkerbell, and help her get ready for events as she grows up.
? 10 pages of beautiful HD illustrations combined with a rich narrative.
? Walk into a world of fairies, enjoy funny interactions and surprises as you progress.

This interactive storybook provides endless hours of pleasure through its beautiful storyline and fascinating animated scenes filled with vivid, colorful animations and engaging interactions.

? ?Play? - automatically reads each page of the story to you
? ?Read it Myself? - allows you to control the reading yourself
? ?Auto Play? - automatically reads the entire story to you
? ?Dress Up? - find dress up pages as you read and play - help tinkerbell to get ready for playground, school and prom.

TabTale?s interactive storybooks provide an exciting, interactive and rich reading experience of our most beloved children's stories. Richly filled with innovative and engaging activities, each book inspires young children?s creativity and imagination in a uniquely enjoyable and interactive way.

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