STM BlueLibs Bluetooth library for .NET Standard package - less than 5 developers license 1.0 download

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STM BlueLibs is a library designed to provide developers with easy to use and powerful tools for Bluetooth and OBEX development. The library is written entirely in C# for .NET 1.1 and 2.0 and includes:

  • Bluetooth connections management - Classes and design time components handling:
    • device discovery process
    • authentication and paring process
    • connection establishment and properties
  • Bluetooth profiles implementation for:
    • Generic OBEX Profile suitable for custom applications or user implmentations of other profiles
    • OBEX Object Push Profile
    • OBEX File Transfer Profile
    • Serial port Profile
    • DialUp Networking Profile
  • AT commands channel:
    Flexible interface to exchange ATcommands with your device

  • Full and flexible OBEX stack implementation:
    • OBEX headers and commands handling
    • support for the main OBEX objects
  • Design-time components for the most of the functionality, making development extremely simple and productive
  • Fully functional samples of:
    • OBEX Object Push Profile Client
    • OBEX File Transfer Profile Client
    • AT Commands
    • AT Commands based phone book manager



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