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Sugar Games is pleased to invite everyone to take a walk around the Rainbow kingdom, the land of fairies and elves. Many peoples live a happy life here. But as it usually happens in all fairy tails, there appears someone, who is not pleased when things go right. In Rainbow Web this is Spider, a wicked and mighty wizard. It casts a spell on the land and all fairy tail creatures and spins a web around. Have courage to challenge Spider and return the kingdom to sunshine!

The trick of this game is to go through 60 scenes, where you must solve a puzzle and restore the original name of the scene. The puzzle is a web with beads scattered all over it. Beads come in different colors. You must swap beads to make a line of three or more beads of the same color. Once lined up, they burst, adding to your score. Some of the beads have letters on. Remove these beads to collect letters and restore a spellbound name. This gets your score and level up.

From time to time the game drops a hint about what beads to swap to get a line. However the game is deceptively easy looking. Rainbow Web will try to perplex you by offering webs of bizarre shapes, sometimes with torn links. Torn links add more challenge to the game-play, as it becomes much more difficult to swap beads on the web with missing links. As you go from one web to another, the number of torn links increases, and so does the game challenge.

Rainbow Web is a fun adventure for players of all ages. It takes you on an exciting journey, where you train your logical sense and ability to think under time pressure. Along with masterfully crafted graphics, Rainbow Web shines with saucy music, specially written and recorded for the game.

Im Herzen eines Wunderlandes, umgeben von kristallklaren Seen, machtigen Felsen und alten Waltern, lag das Regenbogenkonigreich. Doch wie es in allen Marchen immer passiert, kommt jemand, der es nicht mag, wenn alles gut lauft.

In Rainbow Web ist es Spider, der bose und machtige Zauberer. Er belegt das Land und alle seine Fabelwesen mit einem Fluch und umspinnt es mit einem Netz. Die armen Regenbogen-Bewohner warten auf den Helden, der den Zauber losen und Frieden in ihr Konigreich bringen wurde.

Dieser Held bist du, und du musst Buchstaben aus magischen Spinnweben befreien, um die Namen der magischen Umgebung zu enthullen. Wenn alle Namen wiederhergestellt sind, kehrt das Konigreich zum Sonnenlicht zuruck, und Regenbogen erbluhen am Himmel.

Gehen Sie durch 60 Level, um den Zauber zu losen und dem Regenbogenkonigreich das Sonnenlicht zu geben.



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