Race Lap Timer Professional 3.1 download

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Step 2. Security

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Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

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Its time to get excited about lap scoring and remove the need for 6 people to do a tedious job! With Race Lap Timer you can easily half that number and make lap scoring interesting and simple! Purchased the lap scoring program for our enduro motorcycle events & it works really well for us, very fast & easy to use, riders were able to view their lap times & positions within 1 minute of the race finishing. Riders now look forward to getting the race results. I'm gonna try using it for MX racing next! Kevin Butt Co.secretary Action South West Race Lap Timer was developed to ease the pressures of lap recording by providing easy to use precision scoring. We have worked closely with racers and organisers to make sure this program contains all the features needed for any professional race event. You can set up/prepare all your races, including multiple race classes, before the meet then simply load the information for each race, you can even add late entries to each race on the day. As each racer completes a lap enter their number. Race Lap Timer records the lap and as soon as the race is over provides a result grid of the race, sorted into winning order. The race results are immediately ready for printing, allowing you to post them within minutes of the race finish. About time someone made something easy to use without the exuberant costs of scanners or transponders, this software looks great and we hope to buy it very soon for our club. I Jones Secretary MX Pro (East) USA Racers can view their lap times and finish times allowing them access to valuable information about their race. The results can also be saved and uploaded to the internet. Race Lap Timer Professional has a built in security feature that prevents full registration of illegal copies, to protect your investment.