PATools Advanced Mail Merge (1 Year License) for Excel 2000 or later download

Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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With PATools Advanced Mail Merge you can run a special mail merge entirely in Microsoft® Excel® software where multiple rows can be listed in each merge document. Examples include Customer (or Supplier) statements / remittances, where each one contains several lines of data for outstanding invoices; Examination Results, where each pupil's results sheet may contain one or more subject exam results; Order listings, where each supplier sheet has one or more orders; Orders, where each order contains one or more line items; Confirmation sheets, where each sheet may require one or more items to be confirmed individually; etc etc This may be useful for mail merging forms or data with other complex formulae or lookups. It may also be quicker and easier for those who have no experience with Microsoft® Word software but are familiar with Microsoft® Excel® software. It is simple and intuitive to use. There is a full help file and an example file to see, both provided with the software. The results can be output to a print preview for testing (or individual selection to print) a printer a file - either one text file (.txt) with page breaks between or individual text files, or to individual Microsoft® Excel® workbooks direct to individual emails with text file attachments, Microsoft® Excel® workbook attachments, or plain text in the body - and for the latter if you use Microsoft® Outlook you can have the emails sent straight to your outbox a new workbook with each merge result on a separate worksheet To run a merge you simply create two worksheets. The first (main document) contains your form, letter, etc, with the merge fields included in cells marked with << >> (eg cell A6 might contain "Dear <>,"). The sheet can be named as you wish, and can contain any number of merge fields anywhere on it alongside any other lookups, formulae etc. You specify merge fields as either 'header' or 'body' fields, so they can be treated differently; header fields can be anywhere, body fields must always be on one row so new rows can be inserted for each line item. The second sheet will contain the source data. In row 1 you put the merge field names (without the << >>), and below you have your data to be merged. And that's it! Try it out for free now, and buy securely on-line with license details by return email.