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1. Downline managing - Downline are stored into database together with customers, prospects and others your contacts. Only diference is this: Downlines have relations name - DOWNLINE - and must have entered company number. That can be every unique number. Unique because all hierahical relations go thru this number. Only DOWNLINES can be displayed in the VisualTree tab.

2. Customer care - your second focus. Excelent customer care and building excelent relationsship with customers. Can you imagine this: you have 20-30 customers which buys every months 2-4 products from you. This is cca 75-100 products each month. Do you know when your customer need another product? Do you have a book where you write down each selled product, and date of selling? And date of expiring of selled product? I do not think so. Why? Because it is too much hard work to do this and take a lot of time. But ... customers are so sensitive. If you forgot to call your customer, (because you THINK that he/she need to order another product) customer will not call YOU, and easy and slowly you can lost your customers.

3. Goal wizzard - will guide you thru your goals. Please note that goals are updated from Contacts, Sales and DataBook window.

4. DataBook - keep all your contacts here. Find all your records with powerful filtering. If this is not enough, there is fast search button.

5. Profit - Loss - track every your income and expenses, so you have all the time your status.
6. Sales/Invoicing - Your customer is first or most important part of your business. Here you can record all your sales, number of selled products, print invoices etc.

7. Email sending - send predefined emails (Letters) to your customers or downlines. Just tag desired person and click Send button.

8. Graphic analyze your work thru months.

9. View Number of customers, downlines, monthly PV volume, today task's etc. per mouse click.

10. Export your Group PV, DataBook entry-es, Group PV etc. to MS Excel File.