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Appin Corporate Security

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  • Complete course on Information Security and Ethical hacking
  • For the first time covers over 40 videos of live security and hacking for Windows Hacking, Registries Editing, Password cracks, Google hacking, Computer Forensics, Firewalls, Network Hacking, Security tools , Hacking tools, Encryption, Email tracking, Router Hacking, Email Forging, Port Scanning , MAC Address Spoofing, Proxies etc
  • Covers over 25 tools for security and ethical hacking
  • Hacking Simulation Games to understand the world of hacking

  • Glossary of Security and hacking terms, relevant articles and Case Studies

"To catch a thief, think like a thief"



The Methodology

Appin's innovative Hi-Technology Training  on Information Security and Ethical Hacking brings you a Systematic, Simple, Interactive and Hands On approach to master security and apply it your organization. Step by step, clear and concise instructions take you through presentations and tutorial in this Multimedia Computer Based Training (CBT) course. Incorporating invaluable interactive modes that allow you learn by simply sitting back and watching a Video Demonstration , and Tools modes where you get hands on practical experience to upgrade technical skills in a real life environment, this Self Paced Learning Hands on Course provides an alternative to instructor led training. Also included in the course is an Online Certification test that earns you the prestigious Appin Certificate.




1. Innovative learning platform on an attractive graphic interface.
2. Course pack contains 4 CDs, booklet & online test code.
3. Internationally recognized AppinLabs certificate.
4. Hands on training with tools & video demonstrations,
5. Emphasis on making technology learning an exciting activity
6. Discounted ebay pricing & expedited world wide shipping

7. Email interaction with trainer

8. Unconditional Money back guarantee






  • Creates Awareness about latest hacking and security attempts going on
  • Understanding security loopholes on desktops/servers and using security tools
  • Recovering deleted data on windows, deleted user accounts etc
  • Securing your LAN against attacks using various tools and techniques, Network Monitoring etc
  • Configure firewalls for LAN, desktop, server and security
  • Use various tools for internet security, email security, data security, proxies
  • Carry out information gathering for remote systems, servers, malicious users
  • Get aware about attacks possible on your systems connected to internet and counter measures
  • Understanding problems of security associated with password protected documents and tools used by hackers to crack passwords
  • Secure your wireless and bluetooth networks
  • Carry out penetration testing for your own networks and those of other companies
  • Understand threats faced by online routers, cameras, data and how can google be used to exploit online information
  • Understand encryption algorithms to create your own algorithms as well as use tools for encrypting information
  • Hide Sensitive Data and information in a secured way
  • Carry Out forensics tests to detect crimes and information loss
  • Understand threats faced by organizations by Cyber terrorists and steps to be taken to secure the same
  • Understand Honey Pots and how can they be used to catch possible criminals
  • Understand the relevance of cyber laws for your organization
  • Carry out your security audits and those of other organizations for creating effective security policies
  • Understand latest hacking attempts and threats faced by organizations in the year 2006
  • Learn over 25 security and information gathering tools using live videos and hacking attempts
  • Comes with a security auditor desktop which can be used by your security professionals


Introduction to Information Security & Ethical Hacking (Get Aware about the situation)

  • The Need for Security

  • Case Studies

  • Threats

  • Case Studies

  • Information Security

  • Hacking

  • Security is a process

  • Hacker Vs Cracker

  • Ethical Hacking /White Hat Hacking

  • Black Hat hacking

  • Grey Hat Hacking

  • Anatomy of a hack

  • Challenges faced by a hacker

  • Precautions

  • Basics of Networking (Tutorial for beginners)

Desktop and Server Security( Understand possible security leaks from desktops and servers and steps to secure that)

  • Hacking Simulation Game

  • Key loggers

  • Anti Key loggers

  • Trojans

  • Windows Security
  • Hacking into Windows XP, NT

  • SAM (Security Accounts Manager)

  • Retrieving User Profiles

  • Retrieving Deleted Files
  • Registry Editing

  • Linux Security

  • Hacking into Linux

  • Spyware and Anti Spyware

  • Viruses and Worms Introduction, Classification of Viruses and Worms

  • Examples of Viruses and Worms

  • Countermeasures

  • Anti Virus

LAN Security(Understand the threats & security measure for  your company LAN)

  • Threats to LAN
  • Countermeasures
  • Network and File Sharing
  • Firewalls
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spywares
  • Network Scanners
  • Hacking the MAC Address

  • Hacking Simulation Game 2

  • Wireless Security(5 steps)
  • Introduction to Firewalls
  • Working of a Firewall
  • Types of Firewalls
  • Packet Filters

  • Proxy Gateways

  • Network Address Translation

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Logging

  • Network Tools and Commands (Tutorial)

  • TCP/IP Commands

  • ARP Command

  • Trace route Command

  • Netstat Command

  • Finger Command

  • Ping Command

  • Nbtstat Command

  • IpConfig Command

  • Telnet Command

Internet Security (Understand the threats faced when your company's employees are on internet for surfing, emailing, downloading, VPN etc and how can you take measures to secure that)

  • Finding an IP Address

  • Through Instant Messaging Software

  • Through Internet Relay Chat

  • Through Website

  • Through Email Headers

  • Through Message Board Postings

  • Proxies Servers

  • Transparent Proxies

  • Anonymous Proxies

  • Distorting Proxies

  • Elite Proxies

  • Free Proxy Servers

  • Analysis of Email Headers

  • Yahoo Email Headers

  • Google Email Headers

  • Email Tracking

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

  • IP Spoofing

  • Information Gathering for a Remote System

  • Daemon Grabbing

  • Port Scanning

  • ICMP Messages

  • Banner Grabbing

  • Sockets

  • Detection of TCP Port Scan TCP SYN Scanning

  • Detection of SYN Scans

  • SYN/ACK Scanning

  • Detection of SYN/ACK Port Scan

  • TCP FIN Scanning

  • TCP XMAS tree scanning

  • ACK Scanning

  • UDP Ports


  • Non Technical Attacks

  • Network Infrastructure Attacks

  • Operating System Attacks

  • Technical Attacks

  • Denial of Services attacks (DOS Attacks)

  • Threat from Sniffing and Key Logging

  • Trojan Attacks

  • HTTP Request Smuggling

  • IP Spoofing

  • Cross site scripting (XSS)

  • Buffer Overflows

  • Format Bugs

  • SQL Injections

  • Input Validation

  • Other Technical Attacks

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Viruses & Worms

  • Spy Ware Software

  • Password Cracking

  • All other types of Attacks

  • Password Cracking

  • Password Guessing

  • Dictionary Based Attacks

  • Brute-Force Attacks

  • Default Passwords

  • Attacks on LOG files

  • Sniffer Attacks

  • Fingerprinting

  • OS Fingerprinting

  • Remote OS Fingerprinting

  • Attacking the System

  • Utility



Wireless & Bluetooth Security ( Understanding the Wi-fi and Bluetooth Networks and security steps for the same)

Penetration Testing

  • Definition

  • Methodology

  • Basic Approaches

  • Google Hacking

  • Terminologies

  • Basic Search Techniques

  • Basic Keyword searching

  • Phrase search

  • + Operator search

  • - Operator search

  • Range search

  • Advanced Search Techniques Site

  • Intitle, allintitle

  • Online Router Hacking

  • Inurl, allinurl

  • Online Camera Hacking

  • Link .

  • Phonebook

  • Rphonebook

  • Bphonebook

  • Daterange

  • Cache

  • Filetype

  • Robots.txt

Encryption & Cryptography( Understanding encryption, protecting data and information leaks)

  • Introduction to Cryptography

  • Private Key Encryption

  • Public Key Encryption

  • DES Algorithm

  • RSA Algorithm

  • Hash Functions

  • MD5 HASH algorithm

  • Digital Signatures

  • Encryptorsetup for text encryption, file encryption, email encryption


Computer Forensics( Investigating security leaks that occur, investigating cyber crimes)

  • Introduction to Forensics

  • Digital Evidence

  • Requirements for Forensics

  • Steps taken in Forensics investigation

  • Acquisition

  • Identification

  • Evaluation

  • Presentation

  • Forensic Toolkit

  • Steganography and Data Hiding

  • Introduction

  • Digital Watermarking

  • Types of Steganography

  • In band Data Insertion

  • Data Algorithmic

  • Overt based grammar

  • Out-band Data Insertion

  • Overwriting Data Insertion

  • Steganography Tools & Applications

Catching Criminals( Understanding cyber terrorism, threats and some security measures)

  • Cyber Terrorism

  • Forms of Cyber Terrorism

  • Factors & Reasons

  • Countermeasures

  • Challenges

  • Honey Pots

  • Definition

  • Research Honey Pots

  • Production Honey Pots

  • Low Involved Honey Pots

  • High Involved Honey Pots

  • Pros & Cons

  • Famous Honey Pots

Cyber Laws( Understanding the role of cyber laws and their relevance)

  • Relevance of Cyber Laws to Security Professionals

  • Scope of Cyber Laws

  • Examples ? American Law, IT Act India

Security Auditing( Understanding audit objectives, and carrying out security audits)

  • Audit Objectives

  • Risk Analysis

  • Auditing Steps

  • Previous Check

  • Planning & Organization

  • Network Control - Policies / Stds

  • Network Control - Hardware / Software

  • Network Data Standards and Data Access

  • Hardware and Software Backup and Recovery

  • Software Communications

  • Access to Network Operating Systems Software and Facilities

  • Data Encryption and Filtering

  • Internet Applications

  • Password Protection

Security Trends 2006 ( Future threats faced by corporates, security trends)

  • Introduction

  • New Threats

  • Phishing attempts

  • Malicious Websites

  • Malicious Codes

  • Hacking Websites and Hacking Tools

  • Peer to Peer, Instant Messaging, Chatting

  • Conclusion





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