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Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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The ultimate memory strain evaluation! You will be given a limited amount of tries, an ever-increasing amount of actions (clicks) to imitate (repeat) and a wild array of tricky click object Layout patterns and sizes.

Successes won't go unnoticed with many features and secrets to unlock, you'll even improve your memory while playing! (non-scientifically proven!).

You must remember which objects are clicked by the computer and the order in which they were clicked!

Once the computers turn is complete, you must successfully imitate (repeat) those actions by using the left-click mouse button! The speed of the computer and the amount of actions you may need to imitate increases as you (hopefully) progress through the many challenging grids, patterns, stages and levels!



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