IBE Push Mail for WM 2005 1.0 download

Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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Do you have several email accounts with different providers? Do you want one place to access those accounts? anytime, anywhere? Email Consolidator? by IBE Push Mail is your solution! Now it?s easy to keep you work and personal accounts separate and still access all of them in one Inbox.

The program is designed to work with the following platforms:
- Windows Mobile 2003/SE and Windows Mobile 2005
- For Email Sync between Outlook/Outlook Express and your PDA, you need a PC with at least Windows 98SE and above with Outlook/Outlook Express installed.

The program is designed to work with the following Email protocols and ISPs:
- POP3
- H o t m a i l/M S N
- A O L
- Y a h o o
You can get all your Emails from multiple Email accounts in a single program.

It is designed to be a replacement for Pocket Inbox on Pocket PCs. The program can perform periodic automatic download of Emails.

IBE Push Mail Client Feature Summary
- Designed for both Pocket PC platforms - Designed for WM 2003/2003SE and WM 2005.
- Get All Emails on your PDA - for all your email from all your accounts (including office, home and mobile device) as well as corporate Email systems.
- Handles Y a h o o, M S N, H o t m a i l and A O L - IBE is the only one to handle these special type of Email accounts, even the free web-based Y a h o o Email.
- Supports "push" mail with compatible IMAP servers.
- Supports "auto fill" and "find" function.
- Supports POP/IMAP/SSL-POP/SSL-IMAP/SMTP/SSL-SMTP standard protocols - the user can customize the port used by the remote Email system.
- Choose where your Emails will be stored - you can choose to store your received and sent Emails in the PDA's main memory, or any external storage (e.g., CF, SD cards)
- Synchronize with Outlook or Outlook Express on your PC - you can perform bi-directional synchronization of Emails. IBE is the only client that supports synchronization with Outlook Express - download free from http://www.ibegroup.com/download.php
- Write offline and send all at once - you can receive or synchronize Emails before you go on a trip, reply to them, or write new Emails offline. Then send them out all at once when you are connected
- Automatic send/receive even when the PDA is turned off - you can tell the program to automatically send/receive Emails at your defined intervals even when the device is in sleep mode or has been turned off
- Send attachment support - you can attach files to any outgoing Email on all supported platforms
- Receive attachment support - the program can open your received attachments with the appropriate program directly or save them to your PDA
- Choose your address - reply or send using your primary address - or any address you have
- Multiple signatures support - you can pre-define multiple signatures and select one for any outgoing Email
- Integration with built-in address book - you can look up and add new entries to the built-in address book on your PDA directly within the program
- Outgoing SMTP Relay service provided by Gopher King (extra monthly charge) - you can send outgoing Emails through our SMTP Relay server (service paid separately as a subscription), if your ISP does not allow SMTP relay.
- Standard desktop Email features included - make as read/unread, reply, reply to all, forward, sort; customizable columns in the Email listing; collapsible fields to save screen space, etc.