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GIPALS32 is a linear programming library that incorporates the power of linear programming solver and simplicity of integration to any software tools like Ms Visual C++, Ms Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and other that support a DLL import.

The maximum number of constraints and variables is unlimited.

The linear program solver is based on Interior-Point method (Mehrotra predictor-corrector algorithm) and optimized for large sparse linear programs by implementing the state-of-art algorithm to order the constraints matrix. The user can specify the linear program using a set of exported DLL functions.
Also GIPALS32 provides an import of linear programs from Mathematical Programming System (MPS) data format that is an industry standard for the description of a variety of linear programs.

Key features of GIPALS32:

  • UNLIMITED linear program size
  • No external components or DLL are required
  • Simple way to specify a linear program without any special mathematical knowledge
  • Robust Interior-Point method for fast and reliable solution
  • Support the industrial standard format of linear programs




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