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Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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The most intuitive Universal Unit Converter for iPhone and iPad
?????????? Lite version ??????????

? 5 STAR quality ?????
? Over 400 Units!
? Cool backgrounds and button styles
? Powerful built-in Calculator
? Favorite Conversions and Calculation History
? Real-time currency exchange rates
? Lots of customization options!

? Overview ?
It?s the unit converter you?ve always dreamed of: fast, elegant, easy to use, intuitive and soft on the eyes. You?ll love this powerful tool that lets you convert between 400 units across tons of categories, including time, length, currency, and lots more. Need to convert with mixed units? No worries. Our converter is smarter than any other product on the market. Work easily between standard and metric measurements. You say tomato ? we say no problem.

? Built-in calculator
? Over 400 units across 16+ categories
? Convert multiple units simultaneously
? Save your favorite conversions
? Customize your own units
? Calculation history
? Live as-you-type conversion
? Invert the conversion ? tap to switch
? Enable or disable categories at will
? Currency rates auto-update at launch
? Simple search tools to find the units you need
? Edit your inputs without having to switch them

? Looks AND Brains ?
It?s all about usability. Our buttons and numbers are huge yet the whole view fits nicely in one screen. In landscape mode on the iPad, you can view your entire calculation history. This baby is pretty, and it types.

? Innovative ?sideways picker? to choose your units
? Draggable keypad reveals categories on the iPhone
? Varied themes and styles
? More than 15 cool backgrounds
? Intuitive interface
? Huge, smart buttons with audio feedback
? HD-quality retina display
? All units fit on a single screen
? iOS 5 tested

? Math Made Easy ?
Stop doing the math in your head ? you?re going to hurt yourself. You?ll love using the Converter?s built-in calculator to perform basic calculations in a hurry. Also, our calculator has the chops others don?t ? square roots, percentages, a memory function, a backspace function and lots more.

? Money in the Bank ?
With over 150 currency units, you?ll be well on your way to mastering the art of international trade. And the currency rates are updated every time you boot up the app.

? Conversion categories ?
? Calculator
? Angle
? Area
? Currency
? Data speed
? Data size
? Energy
? Force
? Fuel
? Length
? Power
? Pressure
? Speed
? Temperature
? Time
? Volume
? Weight
? Custom

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