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CETuner 2005 is a powerful utility for creating and changing themes, adjusting colors and customizing fonts on Pocket PC/Windows mobile. With CETuner you can change the Pocket PC's interface the way you want!

CETuner 2005 utility is designed to adjust user's interface options on the following devices:

  • Pocket PC
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

    CETuner 2005         CETuner 2005

    CETuner 2005 features for you to create new Pocket PC themes :

      Change standard elements of Pocket PC interface by adjusting colors and fonts
     CETuner 2005 utility is not compatible with Windows Mobile 2005 devices.
     Create and change Pocket PC themes, by changing "Today Screen" options
     New! Landscape and hi-resolution modes are supported

    CETuner 2004

     Manage Pocket PC fonts quickly and easily
     Use any of preset Pocket PC themes (skins) and create new
     Protect your eyes by choosing big fonts and smooth colors

    CETuner 2004      CETuner 2004

     Get more information on your standard Pocket PC screen by choosing little font size
     Extend battery life by choosing mild, non-contrast colors to low down screen power consumption

    CETuner 2004

    CETuner got Pocket PC Magazine People's Choice, and new CETuner nominated by Pocket PC Magazine's Board of Experts as Best Product for the Pocket PC Awards in "System/Registry" category.