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Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

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Title: Auto Fax and E-mail Solutions Software Management 5.0 by Thaicomponent Software Co., Ltd.
URL: http://downloadpipe.com/purchase/Auto-Fax-mail-Solutions-Software-buy1416485.html


Auto Fax and E-mail Management is an advanced application designed to enable users to manage automatic fax transfers.
We provides you with complete fax facilities from your computer.You can configure fax settings, send and receive faxes, manage fax cost control, keep history and reporting by period, track and monitor fax activity, and access archived faxes.Using Fax, you can any choose to send fax to fax machine, fax to fax gateway, fax to e-mail, fax broadcast, fax to printer, fax online without fax machine, included e-mail and sms software marketing.

Key features
?Included E-mail and SMS software marketing.
?Auto send fax from copy files to destination fax folders.
?Auto send fax with fax configure files format.
?Easily to integration with ERP, CEM or other your system.
?Provides the api, send and receive faxes from your application program.
?Send and receive faxes with Fax Client or via Web Browser.
?Merge pdf multi files to single files send fax.
?Choose to send faxes such as, fax and e-mail, e-mail only or SMS sending.
?Support and user authentication with Active Directory (AD).
?Add on fax service work with Mutli-function.
?Cloud printing, no fax machine, no fax number send and receive faxes to printer between head office and branch, B2B or B2C.
?Cloud fax service, send and receive faxes between head office and branch, B2B or B2C.
?Low cost send and receive faxes with cloud fax service and cloud printing.
?Support all Windows version 32-bits and 64 bits.




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