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Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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Unbenanntes Dokument

lpha is a clear Terminalprogram for enthusiastic users of the SCS DSP Multimode Pactor Controller, who want to have simple and professional operation without a long learning curve. No matter if you are new to the digital modes of the PTC controllers or if you have years of experience with these controllers. You will be at ease and feel comfortable very quickly with the clear user interface of Alpha 3.0.

Alpha takes care of relaxed digital connections and makes dealing with the complex functions of these controllers a real pleasure.

Alpha is a 32-Bit program for the Windows Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. It was developed primarily for the PTC-II, PTC-IIpro, PTC-IIe, PTC-IIex and PTC-IIusb. It is also possible to operate the PTCplus with the reduced hardware capability without a problem.
Alpha is the successor of the well known Terminal Program Alpha, which has become one of the most popular Terminal programs for the PTC-Controller family. For several years Alpha has proved its reliability with the Austrian Red Cross.
Also you will benefit from the eleven years experience in programming for the DSP Multimode PACTOR Controllers on Windows Operating systems.

Alpha brings you numerous new functions and extensions to make it easier to operate the PTC. You will operate the Controller with a modern and friendly user interface and you will quickly be familiar with its functions and possiblities.
Alpha supports simultaneous HF-Port and Packet Radio-Port operation of the Multimode controller PTC-II and PTC-IIpro and is therefore the optimal Multiport software for these devices. You can install and test Alpha before registering the software on the Windows Operating System of your choice. All settings made during the test period are retained when you purchase the full version. Registering is independent from the controller in use, registering is possible for multiple controllers or computers. Since it is not possible to produce a complete bugfree software nowadays, registering the program includes all future bugfixes.

Alpha - Functions Overview
- Language support German, English, French.
- Supports PACTOR®, AMTOR, RTTY, PSK31, CW, AUDIO and simultaneous Packet Radio operation on up to 10 Channels (with the necessary Packet Radio modules in the PTC-II and PTC-IIpro)
- APRS Module to display Packet Radio APRS Messages in a seperate Window
- 300 lines of received text output, scrollback buffer included.
- window contents is saved after terminating the program
- modern and attractive design also under Windows 9x
- to provide a good overview many functions are only visible if they are needed
- optimized usage of the screen thanks to mode panel and free movable button bars.
- integrated firmware update and hardware recognition in the supported controllers (PTC-II, PTC-IIpro, PTC-IIe, PTC-IIex,
- quick and easy help through mouse-over hints
- clear GUI using a split screen, also for Packet Radio
- many texts have customizeable colors (RX, TX, MONITOR, PR-PORT1, PR-PORT2)
- acustic sounds can be played for important actions, as Connect, new DX messages)
- Auto-CQ function with extensive possibilities to compose messages and timer
- at each time you can edit Macros for connected station (Callsign, name, signal report)
- unlimited number of Macro texts
- Macro texts can be created very comfortably in the built in Macro text editor.
- Macro text preview, Testing of Macro texts is possible without keying the transmitter
- numerous Macrotexts to control the program and the controller are already prepared
- Choice of the desired macro text by mouse click or keyboard
- DX-Cluster messages and DXCC analysis are stored in a separate window (only possible with installed PR-module)
- many functions can be controlled by hot keys
- Connection book for management of all listed Stations (MBO-list provided by HB9BRJ in the Alpha *.cbk format)
- Exchange of stations information and frequencies with ID-card function
- automatic or semi-automatic Logbook with ADIF - Export function
- Binary Data transfer using UUE Encoding
- transmission of text files
- Configuration manager to administer and edit the various controller configuration files
- Text editor
- RX data can be saved to disk "on the fly"
- Mailbox manager to save the controller Mailbox contents to disk
- Channel manager to create, edit and download the conntroller's scan list
- Callsign suffix and prefix in Macrotexts are switchable (for example LA/ Mycall /M)





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