3DMasterKit Start 7.0 download

Step 1. Installer

Step 1. Open the Installer

Locate the installer file and double click to open.

Step 2. Security

Step 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'

Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

Step 3. Follow instructions

Step 3. Follow Installer Instructions

Read the instructions to setup your software.

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Title: 3DMasterKit Start 7.0 by Triaxes Line Limited Liability Company
URL: http://downloadpipe.com/purchase/3DMasterKit-Start-buy1211196.html


Triaxes 3DMasterKit is designed for creating and printing 3D stereo-photos. You can easily create 3D-photo or flip-photo out of two or more original photos. Also, you can create 3D-photo from just one photo and design template.

Triaxes 3DMasterKit creates 3D images of the following types:
  • cards with stere-pairs for viewing through stereoscope
  • anaglyph image (grayscale, color, or sub-color) for viewing by red-blue glasses
  • stereo-pairs for direct view (no additional devices needed)
  • 3D image for viewing through LCD shutter glasses
  • 3D lenticular photos with flip or stereo-effect

3DMasterKit is available in five editions: Start, Home, Photo, Photo+, Pro, depending on maximum photo size and resolution.

3DMasterKit Start edition is designed for amateur photographers.

    3DMasterKit Start features:
  • You can create flip-images or stereo-images out of two original photos
  • You can create multilayer stereo-photo out of just one photo and template
  • Max size of lenticular image: 10x15cm (4x6 inches)
  • Max resolution: 720 PPI