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WELSIM finite element analysis software helps engineers and researchers conduct simulation studies and prototype virtual products.
WELSIM was born out of a vision to create a general-purpose simulation utility that could successfully enable a wide range of engineering and science communities to conduct simulation studies with more confidence and less cost. Customers use our software to help ensure the integrity of their innovations. WELSIM comes with an all-in-one user interface and self-integrated features including pre-processing, solver, and post-processing modules. It is a long-term-support product that aims to accurately model engineering problems using the finite element and advanced numerical methods. By taking advantages of modern algorithms and software architecture, WELSIM demonstrates excellent computational performance and user experience.
Support 3D structural, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses that reveal physics-based results.
No wait. You can download and use WELSIM application immediately.
Secure software program and does not collect any of your data.
The ease-of-use graphical interface requires no learning curve.
Friendly licensing options. No hidden fees. No commitments.


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