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Have you ever been in situation that you renamed your file server and that links in Microsoft applications documents were broken? ReplaceMagic (link fixer tool) can repair broken links.

Have you ever been in situation that you have thousands of Microsoft Excel documents where in header you have old address that you have to change to new address? ReplaceMagic can make also changes in header/footer.

Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? ReplaceMagic can access and make changes in almost any document area.

With ReplaceMagic you can scan folders for files and by entering search and replace strings let application to do all changes automatically for you without opening a single file.

Our prices start from $59...

ReplaceMagic supports changes in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, OneNote, PDF and text documentsthat anywhere on your network where computer where ReplaceMagic has access.

Typical scenarios:
1. Sharepoint migration => after you move documents to Sharepoint links in documents will be broken. We can repair team
2. Network storage changes => you get new storage system, links will be broken. Of course, with ReplaceMagic you can repair document links
3. Server migration causing broken links in Office documents => use ReplaceMagic to repair broken links
4. New folder structure causing broken links in Office documents => use ReplaceMagic to repair broken links
5. Network changes (for example, Novel to Microsoft) causing broken links in Office documents => use ReplaceMagic to repair broken links

Download trial version of ReplaceMagic, give it a try and in case of any questions you can always contact our support team


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