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M.A.D. Propz is a shareware windows desktop application for beam cross-sectional properties and stress/strain analysis loaded with features like:

- Analysis of any assembly of arbitrary cross-sectional shapes using built-in standard beam shapes or custom polygons imported from text files.

- Each shape in the cross-sectional assembly can have unique material properties by entering engineering constants directly or through a user-defined database of homogeneous and laminated composite materials.

- The cross-sectional shapes of an assembly can easily be edited, rotated, translated, flipped, or copied by right-clicking on the shape. The shapes can also be exported to a text file and imported back into the assembly in a later session.

- Axial, shear, and bending loads can be applied to any cross-sectional assembly to calculate and display the resulting stress/strain contours. Up to 5000 loadcases imported from a text file can be analysed at once to quickly find the max/min envelope of stresses and strains.

- Once loads are applied to a cross-sectional assembly, the region analysis function allows the user to calculate the loading over a polygon-picked portion of the assembly.

- Units can be switched from metric (mm, N, MPa) to imperial (in, lbs, ksi) at any time during a session and all properties, loads, and stresses will be converted.



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