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Match Agency BiZ
History of Development

Step 2: Match Agency BiZ

  • v5.3 [mysql: language.reset.sql]
    • Links to show pictures (including adult and private) to friends to get voted. [manage_pictures.php]
    • Protection for language files to be retrieved without webmaster login [lang_file.php]
    • More detailed names for language files [webmaster/lang_file.php]
    • Custom content for the Profile Pictures Upload page. [manage_pictures.php]
    • More acurate search with pictures (addition to show pictures option). [inc/profiles.panel.php, manage_pictures.php, manage_profiles.php, match.php, datafix.php,search.php]
    • Resource images are resized if bigger than the maximum picture size [resource_manage.php, img.php].
    • Registration agreement. [register.php, content_agreement.php]
    • CMS setup fix (only for latest setups -5+ and if it doesn't work). [mysql: cms.reset.sql]
  • v5.2 [mysql: language.reset.sql]
    • Resources are embeded on the page instead of a redirection download link. [ resource_view.php ]
  • v5.1 [lib/mysql.php, mysql: language.reset.sql]
    • Multilanguage options for profile ratings. [inc/ratings.lib.php]
    • Links for resources on thumbnail listings [inc/resource.php]
    • Automated translation for option profile attributes, generation of translation records for older pictures.[webmaster/datafix.php, manage_pictures.php, inc/profile.lib.php, webmaster/lang_data.php]
    • Added a translation search end edit tool [webmaster/lang.php, webmaster/lang_text.php]
  • v5.0 [mysql:structure.upgrade6.sql, language.reset.sql]
    • Profile report [profile.php, report.php, tpl/report.mtl]
    • Custom charset encoding for each language [h.php, webmaster/lang.php]
    • Profile pictures access rank and details in multiple languages [manage_pictures.php, inc/profile.lib.php, webmaster/approve_pictures.php]
    • Event resource type [inc/resource.types.php, inc/resource.php, resource_manage.php]
    • Optimized matchmaking engine (should run much faster) [inc/editprofile.php, webmaster/datafix.php, login.php, match.php, inc/editprofile.php]
    • New layout /design settings . [_header.php,_footer.php]
    • Calendar add-on is available.[inc/calendar.php]
  • v4.9
    • Multilanguage support available for resources. [inc/resource.php, resource_manage.php, resource_list.php]
    • Improved rights section in the webmaster area [webmaster/rights.php]
  • v4.8
    • v4.8.2 Fixed problem with automated selection of profile when a single profile is available [inc/profile.lib.php]
    • v4.8.1 Language automatically selected when editing custom dynamic content [webmaster/cms.php]
    • Date profile fields. [inc/editprofile.php, inc/datetimepicker.php, images/tpl/0/cal.gif, webmaster/categories.php]
  • v4.7
    • New language file format ( version 2 ) that allows conservation of older translation based on the original translated text hash. [webmaster/lang.php, webmaster/lang_file.php]
    • Changed defaul look for the webmaster area [webmaster/_header.php, webmaster/_footer.php]
  • v4.6 [lib/mysql.php, mysql: ratings.reset.sql, stats.reset.sql, system.reset.sql, language.reset.sql]
    • v4.6.2 - Fixed issue about linking profiles in couple feature not working everytime. [manage_profiles.php]
    • v4.6.1 - Fixed issue with profiles created on registration not loging into phpbb. [register.php]
    • Profile Statistics : total views and average views per day [inc/stats.lib.php, profile.php]
    • Profile Ratings ( multiple polls) [inc/ratings.lib.php, ratings_vote.php, inc/profile.lib.php]
    • Active layout for the profiles page (show/hide items) [inc/pull.lib.php]
    • Search organised in 4 different search pages : simple search, advanced search, search using predefined filter, search for profile name [search.php, search_filter.php, search_name.php]
    • Fixed decimals in matchmaking points listings [match.php]
  • v4.5
    • AteoMessenger2 compatible plugin available: instant messaging, webcam support with p2p connectivity [mysql: ateomessenger.sql, ateomessenger/*.*, ateomessenger_download.php, ateomessenger_buddy.php, _header.php, regenerate settings.php]
    • Improved interface for the membership packages editor [webmaster/packages.php]
  • v4.4
    • CamDate Flash Communication Server video chat plugin suppor available [camdate/*.*, camdate.php]
  • v4.3
    • Affiliate comissions for all sales in the system, propagates on unlimited number of referral levels [money/balance.php, money/money.lib.php, member_center.php, mysql:system.reset.sql]
    • Multiple languages for membership packages [webmaster/packages.php, mysql:structure.update5.sql]
    • Fixed a problem with PHPBB login [edit_profiles.php]
  • v4.2
    • Media File Uploads for the resource directory (video: avi, mpg, mpeg; audio: mp3, wav) [write permissions for "resource/", manage_resources.php]
    • Pending approval quick status and links on main page from webmaster area [webmaster/index.php]
    • Attached profile resources are listed on the profiles page [profile.php]
    • Fixed Quickinfo attribute selector (featured, snapshot, brief) [inc/pull.lib.php]
    • Added "Open" Link for resource page to prevent problems with popup killers [inc/resource.php]
  • v4.1
    • Email templates for each language [tpl/*.*, register.php]
    • Send mass email news for each language [webmaster/post.php]
    • Couple links [profile.php, manage_profiles.php, mysql:structure.update4.sql]
    • Show the system language for not translated texts [lib/mysql.php]
  • v4.0
    • ATEOMEDIA compatible plugin available (text chat included, video chat can be added to the package)
    • Improved layout with login box and other elements to improve easy navigation
    • Added Idiot interface type to Simple and Advanced interface
    • 3 Registration types (Personal, Couple, Agency) - create quickly 1 or 2 profiles from signup for personal or couple accounts
    • Default settings are filled for profiles created on signup (show online, receive email notification, instant message popup notification) Top profile pictures can be viewed by gender in custom number of columns
    • Search using predefined search filter
    • Search results are displayed in custom number of columns
    • Uploaded pictures are added to picture resources automatically
    • Webcam image is added to pictures and refreshed automatically (every 5s), also added to webcam resources
    • Users can save a webcam snapshot as main, public, private picture
    • Online webcam listings
    • Link to add search results faster to favourites
    • Added random listings that can be inserted (read documentation FAQ)
    • Settings file generation is 100% web based on install (including save)
    • 100% translation for profile attributes data. Profiles data can be stored for multiple languages
    • Automated translation of selectable profile fields to all languages
    • New field type added to the profile attributes : multiple selection options
    • Multiple selections allowed for search
    • Romanian translation added to the default package


Step 1: Match Agency

  • v1.0
    • Multiple Profiles Management from the same account
    • Custom Field Categories and Attributes
    • Integrated Message Board
    • Picture Upload and Management (pictures are stored in the mysql database for restricted access database)
    • Flash chat
    • Internal Blind Messaging
    • Webmaster Profile Categories & Attributes Editor
  • v2.0
    • Optimized picture thumbnails using php GD extension (required for installation).
    • Multimedia resource directory(allows members to submit, review, access free or for a fee multimedia content)
      • pictures
      • stories
      • webcam images
      • video content (external links)
      • audio content (external links)
      • galleries
  • v2.5
    • Top Resources
    • Top Profile Pictures
    • Online Chaters
    • Browse Profiles.
  • v3.0
    • Webmaster membership packages editor
    • Recurring membership upgrades
    • Promotional membership packages (members must insert code to enable)
    • Affiliate tracking for any page (i.e. register.phg?affid=...)
    • Filter profiles use special names (more profiles names available)
    • Email notification for internal blind messages can be enabled separately for each profile
    • Search online profiles, options to show profiles online when member is online
    • Customizable colors for table headers and titles to integrate layout theme
    • Fixed lost password recovery (works for both email or username)
    • Remember logged member (offline but logged in when comes back to page)
    • Site name stamp on thumbnails
    • Realtime site statistics
    • Dynamic splash screens
    • Instant message notification option can be enabled for each profile
    • Multiple language support, import/export language files (webmaster feature)
    • Featured details text length limitations, custom length (webmaster feature)
    • Zip Locator: mileage search with profile listings
    • Flash Chat Room create/browse/edit/delete (webmaster feature)
    • MyPaySystems gateway integration
  • v3.1
    • Improved approval and monitoring system for resources (webmaster feature)
    • Rresource management section (My Resources) to member area
    • Payment mode entry editor (webmaster feature)
    • Fixed implementation of picture rating rights
    • Layout settings (i.e. to hide items from the member account center layout) (webmaster feature)
    • Trial membership package
    • Webmaster member account (used by webmaster to submit member type content, like multimedia resources)
  • v3.2
    • Simplified rights listings, hidden rights only viewable from the webmaster area
    • Option in rights to disable profile name changes and deletion
    • Edit resources from member area, link same resource to multiple profiles
    • Webmaster phpBB automated login
  • v3.3
    • Referral Signup Bonus (customizable from webmaster area) [confirm.php]
    • Fixed login details sent with internal message notification [messages.php]
    • Advanced/Simple interface (account option) [member_center.php]
    • Profile daily bonus [member_center.php]
  • v3.4 [Extended changes - most scripts must be updated - except comm/*.*, settings.php]
    • Hints
    • WYSIWYG editor for html text
    • Translation optimizations
    • Dynamic distribution of fields in 2 columns on profile view
    • Quickinfo tooltip on profiles
    • Improved profile attributes editor section for members
  • v3.5 [webmaster/cms.php, index.php, lib/mysql.php,search.php]
    • Content Management System - dynamic page content (i.e. news) can be changed in WYSIWYG editor available in webmaster area
    • Rights for search, advanced search
  • v3.7
    • Language local (cookie for current computer) selection flag. [lang_select.php, member_center.php, index.php]
  • v3.8
    • Big pictures are resized to a width set as maximum, stamp with site name is applied on upload, maximum upload size can be set, all picture are compressed as jpeg with customizable quality. [manage_pictures.php]
  • v3.9
    • Revised payment processing and transfer for multiple gateways.[webmaster/process.php, money/transfer.php]
    • Pending payments are deleted after a number of days (customizable) if not confirmed by postback script or webmaster.
    • Fixed local translation for dynamic content.
    • Attribute questions and categories are also subject to the translation engine.




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