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Dr. Cleaner Pro is a System Utilities::System Maintenance software developed by Trend Micro. After our trial and test, the software was found to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Dr. Cleaner Pro: Dr. Cleaner Pro is a all-in-one App that offers Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance. With a brand new user interface, it provides an easy-to-use way to optimize the performance of your Mac! Also, with Dr. Cleaner Pro, you can easily view real-time network usage and CPU usage in the menu bar. USER COMMENTS 'It removes unwanted and useless files to clean up your mac. It does everything the description says.' Kamil.D from Australia 'Very simple - very effective. Easy to use and great way to keep your Mac optimised.' Damo1193 from U.K. PRIMARY FEATURES [Smart Memory Optimizer] 1-click memory optimization Instantly reclaim memory from closed Apps Identify Apps that use a significant amount of memory [Junk Files Cleaner] Quick disk clean from status bar menu Clean temporary files, incl. logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc.Empty Trash for current user Clever detection of remaining files after deleting Apps Clean trash in removable storage [Big Files Scanner] 1-click scan of big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above) Multiple filters of size, date, name and type Local files in sync with your cloud drives can also be found Protected files* will not be deleted [* Important big files can be 'locked' into the protected list to avoid false deletion.] [Duplicate Finder] Thorough and quick scan it has the fast and accurate scanning technique that covers your entire home folder. Smart and accurate selection duplicates are selected not only by file names but also by their contents. Files are shown in detailed previews. it can also help you 'decide' which copy to delete by presenting 'Auto Select' button. Easy and safe decision duplicates can be sorted by file type and listed in their full route for you to track. You can decide which way to clean these files. Visit our page for further information: https://www.drcleaner.com/

---上线30个月,400万用户的共同选择,20万评分,平均评分4.8--- Dr. Cleaner Pro 是唯一一款集内存优化、磁盘清理及系统监测于一体的应用!Dr. Cleaner Pro优化您的Mac,让它时刻保持最佳状态。 新版Dr. Cleaner Pro全新的用户界面为您提供了简洁易用的Mac优化方法!同时,您还可以在菜单栏中轻松查看网络使用情况与CPU使用情况。 【Dr.系列产品现开通官方微信平台】扫描屏幕快照上的二维码,或微信查找公众号ID:Drcleaner(Mac优化专家DrCleaner)添加关注!使用微信平台,您能更方便地获得技术支持、进行用户反馈,获取各类新鲜有趣的科技资讯,并提前了解各种送码、促销活动!或者直接访问官网获取来更多信息:https://www.drcleaner.com/ 用户最真实的心声: “它把你不想要的无用文件清理出Mac,描述里说的它都做到了。”——Kamil.D(澳大利亚) “非常简单又非常有效。操作简单易上手,是让Mac保持最佳状态的绝佳方式。”——Damo1193(英国) “简直是我用过的最好的应用了!”——Jani(德国) 主要功能 【智能内存优化】 • 一键释放内存空间 • App退出后内存即时恢复 • 显示占用大量内存的App • 桌面状态栏实时显示已用内存 【磁盘清理】 • 在系统状态栏启动快速磁盘清理 • 清除临时文件,包括缓存、日志、下载文件等 • 智能检测已卸载软件残余文件 • 清除移动存储设备中垃圾文件 【大文件扫描】 • 大文件一键扫描(用户可自定义扫描文件体积,从10MB及以上) • 多种筛选条件,包括大小、修改日期、文件名称和文件类型等 • 可以扫描iCloud drive等云储存系统存放的本地文件 • 被保护的文件将不会被显示 [*重要文件可以在保护目录中被锁定,以防误删。] 【重复文件查找】 • 深度快速扫描:它具备快速准确的扫描算法,能覆盖您的Mac家目录的每个角落。 • 智能精准的选择:判定重复文件不仅根据文件名、创建日期、所在文件夹等因素;还会根据文件自身识别代码判定。扫描结果将以详细的预览方式呈现给您,还有智能“一键选择”功能帮您做出判断。 • 简单但安全地做出决定:重复文件可以按文件类型进行筛选,并会展示完整的路径供您判断。您可以选择永久删除这些重复文件,或将它们放到废纸篓里。 我们期待您的反馈!欢迎您采用以下任意一种方式联系联系我们: 1.在App Store上撰写评论 2.将您的想法及需求反馈至我们的支持页面 (http://Appletuner.trendmicro.com/support). 3.您还可以将您的反馈发送到我们的邮箱:mac_support@trendmicro.com 4.关注Dr. Cleaner官方微信:Drcleaner (Mac优化工具Dr. Cleaner) you can download Dr. Cleaner Pro 1.2.1 free now.

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What's New in Dr. Cleaner Pro 1.2.1

Duplicate Finder: Retrieve and delete duplicate files App Manager: Remove applications and associated files permanently File Shredder: Erase files and make them unrecoverable

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Platforms: Mac OS X
Publisher: About Trend Micro | Trend Micro titles | Visit Trend Micro | Country: China
Downloads: 1 last month, 4 total
Last updated: 3 months ago ()
Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
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