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Want to get more visitors for your website, but don't have any money for search engine placement tools? No problem. With Free Monitor for Google 2.0 you can do it yourself. Google is world's leading search engine, generating 70-80% of free search engine traffic to an average website. Good position in Google means a constant flow of visitor to your website.
A lot of time and effort goes into good positioning with Google. Free Monitor for Google 2.0 makes this much easier by letting you see what position your website occupies by different keywords or search phrases. You can monitor multiple websites and hundreds, even thousands of keywords or phrases. You can ether enter them manually or import from a text file. Search engine results can be saved and exported to HTML.
What makes Free Monitor for Google an essential tool for webmasters is that it instantly shows what areas of your website need to be developed by showing which keywords and search phrases are traffic generators and which ones are underperforming. In addition, Free Monitor for Google shows how well you fare against your competition and where you need to improve.
All in all, Free Monitor for Google 2.0 is a superb tool for any webmaster, beginner or pro. If you are looking for an advanced application that monitors multiple search engines, keeps history and statistics and is capable of monitoring paid placement results in addition to offering a wide range of reporting options, take look at Accurate Monitor for Search Engines.



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