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The AlphaPlugins Laplacian Enhanced is a new FREE Photoshop plug-in that uses advanced complicated math and Laplacian pyramids to qualitative enhance image details and obtain a pseudo HDR effect on any even ordinal source photos. The plug-in uses modern technologies and original know-how that allow to obtain incredible speed of computation that makes the working with the plug-in very comfortable and productively. Although the plug-in has a small number of adjustable parameters but behind the visible simplicity and intuitiveness a power and well thought out engine is hidden and it makes your working process as organic and creatively.
Main features.
- Highest quality of details enhancement without halo and artifacts.
- Incredible speed of calculation in real time.
- Can be used to produce pseudo HDR effects
- Intuitively and clean users interface.
- Macintosh and Windows versions are available.
- The plug-in is free